About Us

Black & Magazine was established in December 2017  with its first issue released in May 2018.  Chida Rebecca serves as the publication’s Editor-in-Chief. After almost a decade in her family business as the co-publisher of San Diego’s oldest and largest Black newspaper, The San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, Chida took a chance at pursuing her dreams.   Noticing that there was a need to capture lifestyle in San Diego through an African American perspective, Chida created this digital publication with the hopes of re-introducing the beauty of San Diego to its Black community, promoting diversity and inclusion.  “As an African American in San Diego, it’s easy to not feel included,” she shares.  “Because our demographics are so small we often don’t see ourselves in the promotions to the public regarding festivals, concerts and other various events. It appears as if their focus is on the majority – the Caucasian and Hispanic demographics.”   By serving as one of the media connector’s between the city’s events and activities and the Black demographic, Chida is hopeful that the magazine will be a great source of lifestyle information for and about Black San Diego.


Ashli J. Sabree

Ashli J. Sabree, originally from Polk County, Florida became fascinated with makeup in 2012. Being in the military at the time, she couldn’t fully immerse herself in the different styles of makeup until the weekend. Once she separated from the Army, she relocated to San Diego, to be closer to her family and re-invent herself. After years of trying, she was finally able to attend a cosmetology school, Bellus Academy. She was able to learn the science behind makeup and learn different techniques to compliment every skin tone and type. Since graduating in 2018, she has performed as a makeup artist for a movie that is now on Amazon, Ledisi, one commercial featured on BET, a stage play, an industrial training segment, lead makeup artist for a Los Angeles television personality, last but not least the lead makeup artist for Black & Magazine. Her dream is to be the lead artist for a major fashion house and Angela Bassett! “It’s a blessing to be able to bring out confidence and self-love when I am working with my clients. I understand that my craft is ministry and I do not take this gift from God lightly! I love to hear the “oooh” or that gasp when my clients see their transformation. It’s giving back and I don’t plan to stop any time soon!”

Chida Rebecca

Chida Rebecca is the Editor-in-Chief of Black & Magazine. She is also an author, actress, speaker and consultant.

Twyla Green

Twyla Green is a licensed professional for over 20 years in the beauty industry. Her style, professionalism & education in her craft always helps create the "perfect shot"!